Hair Weaving

Non surgical advanced Hair Weaving ( Non removable ):

How we are Exclusive & Unique ???

1. UnDetectable, Unnoticeable 
3. ZERO Side Effects 
4. Real Human Hair Makeover 
6. Hair Type - Straight, Wavy & Curly 
7. World Class Professional Service 
8. Chance to meet Ex - Customer 
9. Unisex Hair Loss Solutions Studio 
10. Customised Natural Hair Experts 

NOTE : Sorry, We don't DEAL with 

Step 1: Measurement template will be made ( size of the bald portion, texture of the hair, color of the hair)

Step 2: Custom made hair systems of types USA base, French Lace, Bio Lace will be chosen .

Step3: After checking the availability of the hair system , Our hair weaving technician will make a knot weft in the existing hair strands of the customer which will be done without harming the existing hairs using sophisticated threads. The hair system will be then weft meticulously to that knots.

Step 4: After hair weaving, the customer can even swim... drive.. comb.. condition... shampoo the hair.

Maintenance / Service:

After hair weaving,  service is required once in 2 months. You have to visit our nearby center for service.

Hair Style:

We decide the hair style by considering the color, length and texture of hair and the customer’s age. High quality products and service of highly qualified technicians, clinics with international standards differs Headz from other hair fixing companies.

After hair weaving, customers can even swim, travel in open vehicles and do any type of work. Surgery is not required and our technique is free from allergic complaints and does not involve hair transplantation. People from 15 to 80 years of age group are approaching Headz for hair weaving. People are interested in hair weaving because it does not affect their daily routine. Customer has to spent only 1 hour for the whole process. Plenty of air passage holes like human skin pores provide abundant air circulation that prevents heat.

Hairpieces, units, or hair systems:

We are importers of  factory made Natural Hair Systems

A hairpiece or partial wig of natural hair worn to cover partial baldness or for theatrical purposes. While hairpieces are typically associated with male wearers, some women also use hairpieces to lengthen existing hair, or cover partially exposed scalp.

Many women now wear hairpieces rather than full wigs if their hair loss is confined to the top and crown of their heads.Modern hair systems however, have advanced to the stage where they can be undetectable to the naked eye (especially lace systems) - and so go unnoticed, where only cheap alternatives only ever becoming obvious.

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