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We offer different types of Hair extensions for both women and men: I-Tip Hair Extensions, Layered Hair Extensions, Clip in Hair extensions, Tape Hair extensions, hair toppers etc… Hair extensions can be attached with clips, adhesives / bonds, wefts, plaits, weaves or loops. Each method has its own requirements, pros and cons for attaching, maintenance and removal procedures.

We offer Virgin Remy hair extensions, which are natural looking and easy to maintain. These are 100% human hair extensions. Our human hair extensions naturally blend with your original hair and can be washed and styled as you wish. We can also add colored hair streaks with our colorful hair extensions to get party look.

How to Choose the right type of hair extensions for your hair ?

We offer free and professional consulting to decide what type of hair extensions suits your hair. We assess several factors like

  • we will check your scalp, for any cuts, infection or infestation
  • originals hair’s texture, color, strength and elasticity,
  • length, width and density of hair,
  • any signs of broken hair,
  • any allergic reaction to adhesives,
  • oiliness of hair,
  • traction alopecia
  • shape of your head

Decision depends on whether you hair is Straight, Wavy or Curly….  For Straight and Wavy hairs, any type of hair extension are suitable with matching textures. Curly and very curly hairs can be fragile and can tangle easily. So, we need to take extra care for curly hairs during the fixing procedure,while de-tangling and sectioning the original hairs and match the hair extensions to textures.

For hair extensions for short hair, style changing options are limited. Certain minimum length is needed to support lengthy extensions. For those with too short hair, see that the weight of added extensions is not too much for the original hair to hold. Same is the case with fine hair or sparse hair as they are fragile. Light weight extensions are preferred for both short and fine hairs

People with excessive oily hair have reduced bonding ability with extensions. So short term hair extensions are advised for them. Your choice of the type of extensions also depends whether you want short term or long term hair extensions.

Hair extensions procedures can be a very quick or lengthy service, depending on the type of hair extension procedure…ranging from few minutes to few hours. Clip-in hair extensions are quicker and long term hair extensions like I-Tip extensions take more time.

So, we take into consideration all these factors to decide on the best hair extension for you.

So it is very important to consult with our hair fixing experts before going for the hair extension procedure. So call us now on +91-98866 11110 to fix appointment for free consulting.

Introducing Permanent I-Tip Hair Extensions for Women

These are pre-bonded hair extensions. These are called Micro ring / Micro loop / Micro bead hair extensions. Micro loops are individual strands of hair extensions that are held together with a ring and clamped onto the hair. These are the most undetectable hair extensions and kinder to the hair and do not use harsh chemicals or glue.  This technique combines the strands of natural hair with the extension strand using tiny metal tubes. Tiny rings hold the extensions securely in place. A micro ring hair extension is applied to a similar sized strands of your own hair around 1 cm away from the scalp. If you are looking for good volume and length, then I-Tip human hair extensions, will blend with your natural hair and looks awesome. It is 1.5 hours to 2 hours procedure. Layered extensions can be used mostly behind the head, whereas I-Tip extensions can used anywhere on the head. I-Tip Hair extensions are more advanced and comfortable than Layered extensions. Service is required atleast every 3 months.

Permanent hair extensions price :

Cost of I-Tip hair extensions depends on the number of Tufts required. We offer lengths upto 20 to 24 inches of Keratin treated Virgin Human hair I-Tip extensions. You can have 25 tufts, 50 tufts or even more than 100 tufts for good volume based on your requirement. One Tuft of I-tip hair extension costs Rs.350/-.

Maintenance of Hair Extensions:

The extensions must be removed and re-attached professionally, atleast every 3 months. We need to adjust the length as your original hair grows, to push the extension back up towards your scalp, then re-clamp the micro ring shut. After removal, the original hair is washed, shampooed and conditioned to make sure there is no residue left from removal solutions (if any used) and clean the scalp of product build-up. This will ensure the hair and scalp are clean and ready for next service. Maintenance is required regularly for hair extensions to maintain the healthy condition of hair and scalp. It will ensure hair is tangle free and will help in longevity of hair extensions.

We give customers, our own brand of Hair brushes, Shampoos, Conditioners and sprays, which will give longer life to hair extensions. We advise our products to always use pH-balanced products. We will guide on all aspects of hair extensions care, how to comb hair, how frequently to do head wash etc… Please note that swimming can damage the extensions, due to chlorine and other chemicals present in the water. Hair extensions should be brushed more regularly than natural hair to ensure they are tangle free. So we advise our clients to keep a soft bristle brush with them at all times.

I-Tip Hair Extensions - Tufts

i-tip hair extensions

Layered Hair Extensions

Layered hair extensions

Undetectable and Natural Layered Human Hair Extensions:

Headz comes out with for women. Don’t spoil your existing hair with colours , curls, perming , straightener, heating ….. just go with natural human hair extensions to have stylish gorgeous hair.

We offer permanent (micro ring) and temporary (Removable daily wear) hair extensions

We have hair extensions of all styles(Straight, Wavy and Curly), colours and lengths.

You name the style, color and length, you have it custom made suitable to your hair colour and texture.

Hair Extensions Price:

Layered hair extensions price starts from Rs.9000/-. Hair extensions price also depends on length, density and no. of layers required. Natural Human hair extensions are most costlier and durable than synthetic fibre extensions. Call or WhatsApp +91 98866 11110 for cost and free consultation.

Hair Topper for Women | Hair Toppers | Hair Topper Extensions

We offer natural looking human hair toppers for women which add more hair volume on top and crown area and blend with your original hair. Now a days, many women suffer from hair loss, thinning hair, grey or white hair problems because of stress, pregnancy, and other medical reasons. Our hair toppers are a solution for these problems.

These lightweight and breathable hair toppers will give prettier, glamorous and younger look. They have perfect hairline mimicking your actual hair line and has a base similar to your natural scalp. They are not only comfortable and undetectable, but also gives your confidence back. Our hair toppers are so invisible that it looks like hair is growing out of your own scalp.

Hair can be curled and straightened. Ours toppers have 100% human hair. They can cover for light hair loss and grey or white hair at the crown and also for thinning / scanty hair. Our hair topper is easy to wear and remove. Choose a hair topper color that matches your original hair color and length equal or shorter than your actual hair length. In our hair topper shop, we offer hair topper for thinning hair, silk hair topper, scalp topper, hair topper for thinning crown or hair crown topper, Hair topper extensions, hair toppers for men, curly hair toppers, lace hair topper, volume topper, clip on hair topper, Wiglet etc…

Hair Topper Price | Hair Closure Price

Our Hair closure or Hair topper price starts from Rs.25000/-. We have different qualities of hair patches. Cost depends on the quality of the hair patch. We also offer full hair patch for chemotherapy patients.

Hair Extensions for different needs:

Headz offers

  1. hair extensions for short hair
  2. hair extensions for thin hair
  3. colorful hair extensions
  4. ponytail hair extensions
  5. hair extensions for braids
  6. extensions for highlighted hair
  7. bangs hair extensions
  8. clip in hair extensions
  9. hair topper extensions
  10. hair extensions streaks
  11. hair extensions for men
  12. fringe hair extensions
  13. plait hair extensions etc…