Headz Hair Fixing

hair fixing
hair replacement

Headz Hair Fixing Cost or Non Surgical Hair Replacement Cost :

Headz Hair Fixing cost starts from 499 GBP. We have different types of hair patches. Hair patch price depends on the quality of the Hair patch.

Hair patch fixing Price also depends on the extent of the hair loss and the hair lost area. Also it depends on the type of hair patch you choose, whether it is 1) Natural human hair or 2) Machine made Hair or 3) Mix of machine made and human hairs. Human hair patches are more costlier as they look and feel real and can be styled easily to the desired hair style.

Maintenance / Hair Patch Service Cost:

The maintenance period for the hair fixing techniques are

  1. Hair Clipping – no maintenance required
  2. Hair Bonding – Monthly once (it can be done by yourself also using Do It Yourself Kit)
  3. Hair Weaving – once in 2 months

For Headz Customers, Cost of Service is 55 GBP  . For outside customers it is 70 GBP

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